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Managing Templates

Templates Menu
Templates Menu

Templates form the base for vouchers in GT-Vouchers and allow the site owner to control the look & feel of what is offered and can make it easier for merchants who don’t have designers or design skills. Text entered into the Create Voucher form is overlaid on the template along with customization like registered name and/or tracking codes.

GT-Vouchers comes with a blank “starter” template and 5 blank themed templates to get you started. If these don’t work for you, you can remove them if you wish, or just continue to upload new templates.

Adding templates

Templates are managed from the Vouchers -> Templates menu on the left of WordPress.

New templates are automatically made available to all listings on the site, there is currently no private template support in GT-Vouchers.

Managing Templates
Managing Templates

If you want to create new templates, you (or your designer) should start with the blank provided template, or at least a blank canvas that is exactly 1181 pixels wide by 532 pixels tall (1181 x 532). Text placed on the templates will be roughly centered, so templates with borders or images toward the outside will work best. The final file also needs to be in .jpg format.

Once designed, you can upload your template using the Select File button at the top of the page and browsing your local system for the template. In the box below that, enter a name for your template – this is generally not shown to users, but is shown when a user hovers over a template on the Create voucher page. Clicking the “Add Template” button will upload your voucher template.

Deleting templates

To the right of each voucher name is a checkbox that is used to delete vouchers. Simply check this box for any templates you want to delete, scroll to the bottom of the list and click the “Save templates” button.

Note: GT-Vouchers does not check to see if a template is in use before deleting it! If you delete a template being used by an active voucher, that voucher will cause an error if someone downloads it.

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