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Setting up GT-Vouchers for the First Time

GT-Vouchers offers a lot of customization options that you can explore (which we’ll explain in another tutorial) once you get going. Initially, there are only 3 items that you really need to set up before you can start using GT-Vouchers.

The GT-Vouchers settings page can be found under the Vouchers menu in the left column.

Once there, choose which price packages you want to attach vouchers to, and optionally set a limit on the number of vouchers for each listing in those packages. The packages which have “Special Features” selected should already be pre-checked and by default there is no limit to the number of vouchers per listing.

Next, set the “Name from which to send vouchers” and “Email from which to send vouchers” to whatever is appropriate for your website. Generally, the name might be your site name (as is the default) and the email would be the site email address. You can choose anything here, but remember that people will see this if you choose to have users register for vouchers before downloading them.

Be sure to save these options before proceeding.

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