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Voucher Reports

GT-Vouchers currently only offers a couple of “reports” but a surprising amount of information can be gathered from these.

On the left of the Vouchers->Vouchers page contains a list of Your Vouchers which is ordered by the most recently edited first and the oldest last. This also tells you how many times each was downloaded, whether email addresses are being collected before delivering the voucher and the Place the voucher is attached to.

On the right column of this page is a list of Popular vouchers which shows the available vouchers order by the number of downloads, with the most downloaded first.

Both of those lists will be available to any logged in user with backend access, but will be restricted to their particular vouchers.

As the site administrator you can download the complete list of individual voucher downloads.

If a voucher does not require an email registration, each download is still tracked in this list and provides the date and time of each download along with which voucher was downloaded. This list will help separate a single voucher being downloaded repeatedly by a user from one being downloaded by many users over time.

Vouchers which require an email to download will also contain the Name, Email address and unique code printed on the voucher. This information could assist business with tracking downloads vs. redemption, validating redeemed vouchers or simply be imported into an auto-responder or email system for future marketing.

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