Standard Voucher Appearance
Standard Voucher Appearance

Once you have created a voucher it will appear at the bottom of the listing to which it is attached once it is made active – either immediately or on the date specified.

The image to the right is an example of a sample voucher on the demo listing for Morimoto. The blue dashed border is set through the settings page, as is the counter for how many are available. The vouchers will display the listing’s default image inside the box, not the selected background.

Without doing anything else to your site, this basic function will work automatically and should serve most sites quite well. If you want something a little more custom, there’s a few options for that included below.

 Customizing Vouchers on your site

Listing grid with icons
Listing grid with icons

When site visitors are looking at the various lists on your site, you may want to display an icon indicating that a particular listing has a voucher available to help drive more traffic to that business or event. To do this, GT-Vouchers contains several custom widgets to replace the current ones that ship with GeoTheme.

The image on the left shows the standard implementation of the Latest Places Grid View widget using the included icon to indicate a voucher is available. This basic icon can be replaced with any image of a similar size.

GT-Vouchers currently provides replacement widgets for:

  • GTV Latest Places grid view
  • GTV Latest places list view
  • GTV In the neighborhood

In addition to custom widgets, GT-Vouchers will automatically place the icon and customizable text on search results and category listings.

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