myCred imageDo you want to SELL vouchers to site visitors? This is the way to go!

Together with the free myCRED plugin, GTV-myCRED allows you to trade credits for vouchers. Specify a number of credits/points/dollars required to buy each voucher. The site visitor then makes a purchase of credits through the myCRED plugin and redeems them for the voucher. Visitors can also perform certain actions to earn credits.

Out of the box, myCRED has support for PayPal Standard, BitPay, NetBilling, Skrill (Moneybookers) and Zombaio and has additional Gateways available for other payment systems.

Alternatively, you can use myCRED without payments and reward your users for taking actions on your site like posting review, listings and a variety of other options. We don’t add any new methods to integrate with GeoDirectory actions, but there are lots of built-in ‘hooks’. You could have a developer implement features depending on how you want to reward your users.