GD Vouchers updated to v1.4.5

GT Vouchers for GeoDirectory, or GD Vouchers, was updated to version 1.4.5 yesterday. Changes to this version include:

  • New: Option to use a small icon instead of the banner to show a voucher is available
  • New: Optionally show a solid band across the top of the voucher with the listing name (Default) or use custom text
  • Fixed: Bug showing the vouchers at the top of category listing
  • Fixed: Other bugs relating to ownership of vouchers

The first “new” feature is actually an old feature brought back. If you don’t want to use a banner, you can now use an icon to indicate a voucher is present. The little $ in a box is included, but a custom icon can also be uploaded that better matches your site. The text “Voucher available” can also be changed in the settings.

The second item, to show a solid band on vouchers was requested by a couple of users and can help identify the company providing the coupon, your website or really anything else. You can enter custom text on the Settings page that will be used for all coupons, or you can leave that blank and the listing title will be shown by default. The background color can be customized to match your site or choice while the text color will be either black or white automatically to contrast with your choice.